My Wife “Shot Shamed” Me…

A week or so after our daughter was born, back in January, my wife (who knows I hate getting shots) decided to make a spectacle of me in front of the doctors and the nurses by snitching and announcing to everyone that would listen that I didn’t get a flu shot because I was scared.

This wasn’t the first time she’d done this.

A few weeks prior, she made it a point to tell the phlebotomist that I was scared of  needles and hadn’t gotten a flu shot.  They both laughed at me.

Then, she told the maternity nurse(s) at the hospital that I hadn’t gotten a flu shot because I was scared of needles.  They all took turns laughing at me during their rounds.

She told her book club I was scared of needles.

She told my daughter’s teachers I was scared of needles.

She told strangers at Target I was scared of needles.

Like, she’d introduce me to people by saying, “This is my husband, Corey.  He’s a punk when it comes to needles.”

And every one of them laughed at me.

So when I finally got a flu shot and the whole “See it wasn’t so bad!” talk, I didn’t feel as though I was thoughtfully goaded into doing the right thing.  I felt like I’d been clowned into submission.

But then karma showed up t my house.

Guess who got the flu last night?

Here’s a hint, not me.

I want my wife to get well as soon as possible because I hate watching her suffer, I don’t like it when she’s sick, and I can tell she’s miserable.  So please don’t think I’m writing this to make fun of her in any way.

I’m just a huge fan of irony.



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